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Text File Format


Importing from Txt file


If you have all your data in one big text file make sure it only has one column of records before importing them into ListWise HQ. 

Your text file (when opened in notepad) should look like this:

and so on...

Appending Custom Fields to Cleaned Lists


Custom Fields in List


By default, anything other than the email address is considered a custom field in ListWise HQ. ListWise HQ, currently only supports a maximum of 12 custom fields per list imported for cleaning. 

After you import the list, if there are custom fields, you will be given the chance to specify which custom fields you wish to carry forward for cleaning. 

Import A New List for Cleaning


How to upload your list to ListWise

Once logged in to the web application, click on the "Upload List" button on the left hand side menu.

Upload List Button


A page will load which will allow you to browse or drag & drop your file into.

Upload List Screen 1

List Categories


List Categories

Invalids The format of the email address is incorrect. E.g.

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