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22 Feb

Text to Join – How to Build Your SMS Marketing List

In order for an SMS marketing campaign to bring a fast return on your investment, you have to build your list quickly. Without doing everything in your power to ensure that everyone gets on board the SMS ASAP, you’re SOL...

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22 Feb

Why You Shouldn't be Paying for Your Email List

Email marketing may be a convenient, effective and cheap way to reach the masses, but more email addresses — especially those originating from a list broker — doesn't necessarily equal a more successful campaign. Find out why a purchased email list may not be the most effective plan of attack for your business.

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22 Feb

Listwise Solution Recipe: Beating the IBMs

Bulk email marketing is in the midst of a crisis. The activities of Irresponsible Bulk Marketers, or ‘IBMs’ as they’ve become known, has left the reputation of email marketing in tatters. And it’s little wonder. Email marketing and spam marketing are almost synonymous — the very act of sending commercial emails is so closely associated with unwanted emails that marketers unfamiliar with the platform may be tempted to forgo the process entirely, focusing instead on Pay-Per-Click methods, or the more-or-less uncharted territory of social med

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22 Feb

3 Weird Ways to Build Your Email List

Today’s marketing professionals know the fruitfulness of email marketing — its exceptional rate of return is apparent for all to see. The market, however, is constantly evolving, and what many marketing professionals lack is the ability to consistently adapt to an ever-shifting in dustry landscape.

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22 Feb

Prep for the Holiday Rush with these Tips

With the impending holiday season officially being declared open with Black Friday (28th November) and Cyber Monday (1st December) – the putting together of your marketing plan to handle the season better should be well under way by now. If you are finding it hard to figure out what new strategies to implement in order to be successful through the clutter, here are few ways to get you started.

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